RICH REVIEWS: Gillbert # 2: The Curious Mysterious

Title: Gillbert # 2: The Curious Mysterious (GN)
Publisher: Papercutz
Creator/Writer/Artist/Cover: Art Baltazar
Price: $ 9.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: In Atlanticus, Gillbert, Sherbert, and Anne are ready for Everything Day. Well until Gillbert has to help out babysitting.
The art style is for a young audience. It is simplistic. The colors are beautifully done. The illustration of the King riding a shark looks amazing.
The three aquatic creatures Gillbert, Sherbert and Anne do go on a journey for Everything Day. Matila Gilbert’s baby sister swims off and the others follow. They end up meeting some weird surface folks. Everything Day sounds fun until you hear about the Gogo-Gygoontah Fish a destructive creature.
This book makes a fine illustrated and printed comic for a very young age.
Gillbert and his cute friends and family have a wonderful friendly adventure and they meet new friends in the Mostly Humans people who are not quite human. They are a fun group too. All the creatures here are happy fun characters that a child will just love and adore.

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