RICH REVIEWS: Genu – Volume 1

Title: Genu – Volume 1
Publisher: Markosia
Writers: Tommaso Todesca, AlexFranquelli, Giulio Srubek-Tomassy
Artist: Aleksandra Fastovets
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Chapter 1: Oh Mighty Messenger of the Gods”
This comic is in black and white and offers some visually pleasing art of outer space.  Mercury is shown and it is a bleak planet. The base is a cool looking designed dome. The flying fish are cute especially the one that back talks it is so funny.
Than on Mars things heat up and start moving fast. Devastation rains down from above and she appears.
“Chapter 2: Homebound”
Somehow three of the people from Mars and the alien end up back on Earth. Who is this alien and what does she want? Mysteries abound here.
Data Earth is an interesting situation. It is similar to the Matrix.
This book is a nice start and it does draw you in. This issue sets you up nicely for what is to come. The characters especially the alien female will have you wanting to know more.
This is a sci-fi drama with excitement that will bring you back.

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