How to Get Airport Lounge Access for Free

Although aero transport represents one of the most effective ways of traveling, in terms of time efficiency, sometimes waiting for the flight to take-off can be a very exhausting process, especially in the situations when your flight is delayed for a certain reason. When something like that happens, you would surely want to possess access to the airport lounge zone, where you get to spend your time in a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere, away from the crowd.

And not only that, but you also want the opportunity to take advantage of various amenities that are waiting for you in the waiting room, such as free WiFi, access to dozens of magazines, snacks, drinks, etc. And since you are away from the crowd, you can enjoy reading your favorite book or playing your favorite online casino game, while checking out the free online slots offers!

Usually, the access to the airport lounge is reserved for the passengers carrying first-class or business-class tickets. However, if you are a savvy passenger who doesn’t want to spend such amount of money on an airplane ticket, there are several ways of gaining an entrance to the waiting rooms, without having to spend thousands on the ticket upgrade. 

Daily Pass

Some of the airlines tend to sell daily lounge passes, through which you can enjoy the comfort of the lounge zone without any long-term commitment. The price of such a pass may vary depending on the company. For instance, Alaska Airlines sells this kind of a lounge pass for $50, while American Airlines sells it for $59. Some of the daily passes reserved for airports in the United Kingdom, such as the London Heathrow airport or the Gatwick airport usually are in the price range of between $30 and $40.

And the brand-new waiting room at Singapore Chanji airport is available from $58 if you want to have a relax between flights while planning your festive and gamble evening.

Lounge Membership

One of the ways to gain access to airport lounge zones is to invest a certain amount of money into an annual membership, which is a good thing to do especially if you are flying with a single airline company exclusively. These types of memberships can also grant you access to so-called alliance lounges, such as Star or One World Alliance. For this convenience, you would need to set aside between $350 and $650 for an annual membership, as well as a sum of $50 for the entrance fee. 

Public Lounge

At some airports, you get the opportunity to pay a small amount to gain access to so-called public lounges. This option is very popular across the United States, where you can obtain a lounge pass for just $20, for example at the Cleveland airport. The public waiting rooms are known under the name of “The Club” has lounge zones in eleven airports across the United States, as well as some United Kingdom airports, such as the London Heathrow and the Gatwick. Their lounges include shower facilities, snacks, drinks, and free WiFi access for just $40.

Hotel Booking

Some hotel booking sites, such as the popular ebooking, tend to reward their most loyal customers with various prizes, including the access to airport lounge zones. So, the site rewards each registered customer that has booked four nights in a year with single free access via the Lounge Buddy, which provides entrance to over 200 waiting rooms. If you book 12 or more nights in a single year, you will reach the platinum status, and receive one more free access to the airport lounge zone. You can also take advantage of various cashback offers when booking a hotel.

Final Words

So, even if you don’t possess the first-class or the business-class ticket, there are still a few means to enter the lounge zone and spend your time waiting in the best possible way, while enjoying free WiFi access and various beverages away from the crowdy part of the airport. 


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