RICH REVIEWS: Fearscape # 1

Title: Fearscape # 1
Publisher: Vault Comics
Writer: Ryan O’Sullivan
Illustrator: Andrea Mutti
Colorist: Vladimir Popov
Lettering: Andworld Design
Cover: Ariela Kristantina
Variant Cover: Andrea Mutti & Vladimir Popov
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: The narrator talks directly to the reader. The narrator is a writer and the main character in this comic. Henry Henry looks at himself as a great writer and he can justify any action or thought to make himself look good.
Then a mysterious woman appears. Why? She makes an offer Henry Henry can not resist. He wants inspiration to write and she does offer that. She offers much more as well. The chance to explore the unknown in the Fearscape.
The Fearscape and the real world are connected. What happens in one affects the other.
Henry the writer does come across as one stuck up into himself kind of guy.
The delivery of this story is done in a truly unique way. It will capture your interest and draw you into this weird and strange adventure that Henry Henry undertakes under false pretenses that may lead to human kinds doom.

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