RICH REVIEWS: Faro Summer 1867: The 9 Circles of Hell

Title: Faro Summer 1867: The 9 Circles of Hell
Publisher: Faro’s Lounge
Written by: Faro Kane
Cover by: Jose Varese
Featuring the Talents of Savi Lim, Emil Cabaltierra, Rob Epps & Baby the Bulldog
Price: $ 20.00 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Faro is in Hell here. Faro gets a choice the easy way or the hard unknown way. His choice is obvious once he learns the cost of the easy way.
The art starts off being very simplistic. The characters are not drawn with much depth so they appear as cartoons more than a more normal style of art for an action/adventure comic. There is also topless nudity so this is a mature comic.
Traveling through Hell is not what one might expect. Faro’s dog is funny the way he acts and talks yes he talks. The conversations they have ads humor to this comic.
Abe Lincoln while traveling now has two lovely bodyguards in Timoax and Xaomit these two ladies are killers. He is joined by a literary great. So many legends of the old west are mentioned in these pages.
The love between a man and his dog is a powerful thing. Yes, this part of the story gets really emotional. These scenes presented here do delivery.
Lots of people are out to either kill Faro or save him. They do get into one big fight and blood is spilled.
The ending is a bit confusing Yet it does bring across yet again the love shared between master and pet.
Faro does go on many strange adventures and his journeys have just begun.

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