Title: Faro # 1
Publisher: Faro Comics
Written by: Faro Kane
Produced by: Scott Levine
Artists: Ale Garza, Pat Broderick, Richard Clark, Franchesco, Paolo Pantalena, Elias Chatzoudis, and Monte Moore
Abhimanyu Rana, Adrian Barbu, Austin Brooks, Bojan Rajic, Branden Lukes, Brian Green, Ed Dukeshire, Gabriel Santiago, Hambali Junaidie, Justin Dechert, Kenny Keen, Lea S, Luis Guerro, Lichael Watkins, Oana Vaida, Rob Epps, Rodelio Martin, Ross Campell, SK Deb Roy
Cover by: Jose Varese
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Gorgeous art greets you as you begin this book. The colors are amazing.
April 14th, 1865 what if Abraham Lincoln was not killed by John Wilkes Booth? We are treated to some hard-hitting scenes of action. The facial expressions are intense.
There is plenty of action and some suspense. The pace is fast and furious. The art and writing both compliment each other.
The level of drama will have you following every word and every gesture in this story.
A Professor plans to time travel with the help of his beautiful assistant Summer. Things do heat up as he gets ready. By time traveling he could change history. That is a dangerous ability for anyone to control.
Being a man out of time has its disadvantages. The Professor is out of his time and not familiar with how things are done in this time. He sticks out. He also does not know how to properly act.
A man out of time may be considered crazy by those he encounters.
Jon-Paul Muzio also know as Muzio the Mauler is shown but what does he have to do with the story?
Next, we see Faro and a beautiful woman, Majesty. Faro is a time traveler one who is out of sorts. This Majesty you will be left wondering about. She seems evil but with her feelings of love for Faro, she also has a softer side.
Majesty does have a plan, she knows what she wants to happen. She only has to control Faro to get what she wants.

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