RICH REVIEWS: All New Classic Captain Canuck # 1

Title: All New Classic Captain Canuck # 1
Publisher: Chapter House Comics
Writer: Ed Brisson
Artist: George Freeman
Colour Artist: Laurie E. Smith
Letterer: Ed Brisson
Cover A; George Freeman
Cover B: Mike Rooth
Captain Canuck Created by: Richard Comely and Ron Leishman
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Captain Canuck is part super-hero/part sci-fi secret agent and most importantly he is all-Canadian!
Captain Canuck is traveling in time but can not control where in time he goes as he keeps trying to get back home.
The art is gorgeously done. Beautiful crisp lines and great bold colours.
An alien makes a deal with Mr. Gold. They will work together to defeat Captain Canuck and put an end to his mission.
In the past Captain Canuck gets into a hard knockdown drag out fight. The art shows just how hard he can hit. It’s hard.
The Sonic Squad and an evil version of Captain Canuck are sent after Captain Canuck. It’s a chase through time. Canuck just found out he is being hunted and it’s four to one.
This story just got interesting.

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