Title: El Paso (GN)
Publisher: self-published
Written by: Michael Van Cleve
Art and Watercolors by: Halil Mete
Digital Colors by: Carlos Jimenez and Peyton Freeman
Special Art (A Dream of John Powers) by: Vincent Rodriquez
Letters by: Robin Jones
Cover by: Meryn McKoy
Price: $ 21.00 US
Rating:  2 out of 5 stars
Comments: The watercolor art gives this comic a unique look it fits the story. It does get tiresome after a few pages. The watercolors do not make any part of the art stand out.
A man (Michael) and a woman (Larona) what is going on with them is hard to tell. The woman ends up on her own and endures a lot.
The switching back and forth between illustrated writing and just writing makes it seem like it should be two separate books.
We need to know more about Larona to care about what happens to her. She is a drug user and has gotten in with the wrong people. She does end up staying at a church and there is a priest there that is more than just a priest.
Things do start getting explained more as the story goes on. So only for the first two-thirds of it, you will be clueless as to the what and why.
At the end there as a long write up about how awful men are and how great women are. Why is this even here as part of this book?
The animals are illustrated wonderfully in the last part of this book. What does this part have to do with the rest of the book?
This book needed to be tried together better all the different things happening needed to be focused to come together.

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