Title: Edenfrost (TPB)
Publisher: Mad Cave Studios
Writer: Amit Tishler
Artist/Colorist: Bruno Frenda
Letterer: Taylor Esposito
Price: $ 17.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: This book collects issues one through four of the series.
Yuli Alex and Igor are the only three to survive the massacre of a village. The kids run away. Igor is found by the Russian military. The two children brother and sister encounter what attacked the village. It is a frightening sight.
Yuli and Alex, their whole world has changed in one night. Everything is different and they must fight to survive.
The story starts out going one way leading you along then it changes without really jumping out it sneaks in the change. Yuli and Alex do not come right out and tell you but it is strongly hinted that they had a lot to do with what happened in their village. The soldiers of which there are two sets first are not fully explained and then we slowly learn what they did.
The creature as well as the story as it goes on is slightly explained. It is a big rock monster.
Yuli and Alex are siblings and you can easily see how much they love each other. They stay together as they flee. Seeing these young children remembering lessons from their parents and counting on each other is emotional as both know they have lost everything except each other.
Yuli and Alex are found and get shelter. Yuli is in a cranky mood but who could blame her? Alex is acting mature for his age he realizes he has to to look after his sister. The fact that he does love her is clear. The woman who finds them is Olena and she is tough. She is also heartbroken. She is shown dealing with the effects of a hard life.
The kids are making the best of their situation.
Alex is special and has a necklace which makes him even more special. This big brother is as protective as he can be. He will even call forth protection for his sister and himself. He made a promise and you will feel his will and love to keep it.
As the story goes on we learn more about the Golem. The Golem though is not just some soulless creature doing as it is told. It has a well of its own and it wants to be free to act.
Yuli is a sweet stubborn little girl who does want to be treated well.
The art on the Golem does not show a lot as it is just manifesting. It is a frightening creature to behold.
Yuli and Alex are helping a soldier. Olena acts so tough and as tough as Yuli. Alex is a loving brother who cares about others. When soldiers find them Yuli defends them as she acts fast and without thinking. These three innocents are being attacked by the soldiers and their lives are in danger.
Yuli is like her brother. She as well can summon a monster for help. Alex’s is based on cold and snow, and Yuli’s is a fire beast. These creatures protect the children. Here Yuli’s beast does as Yuli tells it.
The children when they use these creatures give the children such power.
The creature shown here is a fierce silent killer. It serves yet it does want blood.
Yuli and Alex show so much love for each other and both are willing to do whatever it takes to protect the other.
Near the end, there could have been more action and less standing around talking. It would also be nice to start getting some kind of explanation as to what these creatures are. The fire-based creature is big and powerful looking it needs to be evil-looking as well. There is something about these creatures that is off. They are helping but nothing is free so what’s the price?
The main part of this book is about the siblings and their love for each other. The emotions they have are high.
The creature shows up to protect Alex and Yuli. There is a huge reveal in this issue. This was not even hinted at before so it will blow your mind. You do not want to be on the wrong side with these two kids.
The art on the creature could be clearer it is hard to get a good look at it. The kids are shown from a distance a lot here making it harder to see their facial expressions. The up-close pictures of the characters convey their emotions well.
The ending kind of just leaves you hanging. You will be wondering what comes next.
The two kids now are what make this story special. The brother and sister look out for each other and share a bond.
More of the Golem would have been nice to see. Yuli controlling the Golem does have it attacking yet it is not shown anywhere near as good as it should be. Alex with the Golem is shown just only for a couple of panels more was needed.
Alex and Yuli are set to have many more adventures.

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