RICH REVIEWS: Duck Avenger # 0

duck-avenger-0Title: Duck Avenger # 0
Publisher: IDW
Story 1 Evronians:
Writer: Alessandro Sisti and Ezio Sisto
Artist: Alberto Lavoradori
Colorist: Disney Italia
Letterer: Deron Bennett
Translation and Dialogue: Lonathan H. Gray
Story 2 Evronian Game Corner:
Writer/Artist/Colorist: Marco Bolla
Letterer: Deron Bennett
Translation and Dialogue: Jonathan H. Gray
Regular Cover: Marco Ghiglione
Regular Cover Colors: Max Monteduro and Mario Perrotta
Sub Cover: Andrea Freccero with Deron Bennett
Sub Cover Colors: Max Monteduro with Deron Bennett
Ri Cover: Max Monteduro and Alberto Lavoradori
Ri Cover Colors: Disney Italia
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Story 1 Evronians.
The alien planet from centuries ago pictured here is way out looking. The art illustrates such a weird environment.
Than we are on Earth the present. Sexony Starbright an actress is in peril so its Duck Avenger to the rescue. The Freezeflames are a different sort of looking villain.
The story goes off in another direction as Donald Duck aka Duck Avenger takes on the job of getting into the mysterious one hundred and fifty first floor of a one hundred and fifty floor building. He than ends up bonding with the AI of the building. They do have an interesting talk and we get to see some nice tech.
Duck Avenger ends up being chased by aliens. The aliens on their flying discs do look cool. They appear duck like as well but with enough of a difference in their figures to give them a different look.
Duck Avenger and One the AI computer put the hurt on these aliens. It is a fun little battle. Since this is an all ages comic it does not get to rough. Though fight does end but the battle is far from over. They may have been beaten but they are not defeated.
Duck Avenger is a masked avenger that embodies excitement.
Story 2 Evronian Game Corner.
Here is a one page write up with pictures to explain all about the alien Envonians, plus the other two deadlier alien species.

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