ART’S REVIERWS: Beyond Worlds Collide By Jeff Deischer

Philip Wylie and Edward Balmer  wrote the classic end-of-the-world-disaster novels When Worlds Collide and After Worlds Collide in 1933.  These were  serious Science Fiction novels not a mere entertainment.  it tells the story of Earth’s destruction and the groups of men and women who struggled to leave our world and colonize an alien planet.  It was well written, brilliantly conceived, and filled with human drama and imagination.  Unfortunately, there were several plotlines that were left hanging and there were not any more novels in the series to help bring some closure to this momentous story UNTIL NOW!

Veteran writer Jeff Deischer has written a third novel to continue entitled Beyond Worlds Collide which takes up where the last novel ended and reveals more detail about the further adventures of the modern-day “Argonauts who left earth to preserve what was left of the human race.

Jeff carries on in a similar literary style to the original stories but adds more excitement and conflict.  This is a fun excursion into the world created by Wylie and Balmer exploring the fate of the last surviving humans in the universe.  This is a fitting sequel to a classic and beloved series.


Beyond Worlds Collide by Jeff Deischer-


When Worlds Collide by Philip Wylie and Edward Balmer-


After Worlds Collide  by Philip Wylie and Edward Balmer-


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