RICH REVIEWS: Dragon Whisper vol 2 # 1

Title: Dragon Whisper vol 2 # 1
Publisher: Red 5 Comics
Writer: Alex Deluca
Artist/Cover: Glen Fernandez
Price: $ 3.95 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Rosalinda Eberhardt is the Dragon Whisperer. She narrates her own story. Rosalinda is a part of a team her and Prince Kip, Garn, Damiana, and Captain Peel. Rosalinda gets her first weapon a cutlass. She has no idea how to use it. She will learn and be taught. Rosalinda is a sassy young woman with a mind of her own and she also has respect for her Captain.
The team does get a mission and that is to rescue Obsidian. The team has a mission to rescue a dragon.
A look back in time 450 years lets us see the birth of Obsidian the last dragon. This goes by fairly quickly. Now he does live a long life and still is.
Rosalinda is the star of this comic even though she is not the leader or Captain she is a cabin boy. A very beautifully illustrated one at that.
The story sets things up but does not fully explain things. The characters are intriguing they do capture your interest. Rosalinda though does pop out at you. She makes this comic.

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