RICH REVIEWS: Download # 1

Title: Download # 1
Script: Scott Chitwood
Art: Danny Lucket
Color: PH Comes
Letters: Troy Peteri & Dave Lanphear
Price: $ 3.95 US
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Comments: Three teens are making a comic book and the artist well something happens. Eric seems to be possessed now with a knowledge of something. It is something his brain wants to get out. Eric does build something and his two best friends come over and see it. What Eric created prove to be more then he expected. Is it dangerous definitely. Do these three teens handle it yes just barely. Now there are way more of these things in Eric’s head and all are different.
The art is well enough but nothing about it stands out. The teens are illustrated as normal teens. Eric once he was hit by the light changed. His brain started working overtime on the strange creations he drew and now with his friends help they want to build each one. The first one was not a success yet now with three of them working on it who knows.
There is some mystery here as in who is after the information now in Eric’s brain. Will this mysterious organization prove a threat to Eric? What more will Eric create that might prove a threat to those around him and maybe even the planet.

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