RICH REVIEWS: Dogwitch: The Whole Shebang

Title: Dogwitch: The Whole Shebang (Omnibus)
Publisher: 1First Comics, Inc.
Creator/Writer/Artist/Cover Artist: Dan Schaffer
Price: $ 49.99 US
Page Count: 492
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Website: ,
Comments: The Dogwitch Omnibus collects every issue of this fan-favorite series in a stunning new hardcover edition.
“Season One: Direct To Video”
Episode 0.
Violet Grimm is the star of this book. We start out with her writing in her diary. Right from the start you know she is a strange person and magic is in the air around and in her.Also she oozes sexual tensions. The art certainly shows her off as one sexy as hell woman. All the details in the art are amazing.
Episode 00. Hot Spell
Violet is getting ready for a  blind date. One thing that stands out about her are her cute polka dot panties. Now Violet is a witch but not an ordinary one she likes to mix up different types of magics. Violet’s date turns out differently than anything you would expect as it never really gets going. It does end though. Violet and her stuffed live toy dog look cute talking over the dead brain of Violet’s magical sexier clone.  You will not see stuff lie this anywhere else. Violet is so cute and the setting she is in plus she is also so deadly.
Episode 1.
01. Nefarious Kinky
Ralph and Dolores are two wonderful supporting characters. Violet now she makes videos and yes they involve sex and magic and dead men. Ralph the stuffed dog toy is her camera thing.
Violet now summons a demon to be her boyfriend.
The pin-ups between chapters are weird yes and stunning. Plus all have a sexual side to them.
Episode 2. 
02. Screaming Habdabs
Violet has mini Violets and they like to kill bugs. They also become an annoyance fast. Violet now she decides she does not like them after they attack her Bunnyflush.  This leads to one weird fight going on. Everything that happens here is weird.
Episode 3. 
03. Chronic Luscious
Violet takes a trip to Bane an outpost town. The town is just brimming with magic and also fans of Violet’s movie’s. She does make great sexy horror movies starring herself.
In a sleazy bar Violet finds an Incubus that wants all her sexy magic energy. She is a Dogwitch who uses sex magick and she is dam good at it.
Episode 4. 
04. Splinters
Wondering the woods can be a scary thing to do. For Violet well she finds out what it is like to be a kid again.
Violet we see is comfortable with who she is and has no misconceptions about it. This Violet Grimm can and does kick ass and then some.
Episode 5.
05. Bondo Night
Now Violet has a salesman come a calling. Things do take some strange twists around Violet.
Episode 6. 
06. Black and Blue
Violet Grimm and her slime. Here we get a glimpse of Violet’s dead sister Bluebell. She is cute.
“Season Two: Twisted”
Here Violet is just hanging around. You know that something is going to happen and that it will blow your mind.
Episode 7.
07. Fusion Blonde
Violet has created Black Treacle and it has merged with her. If you thought things were weird before you have not seen anything yet. The art illustrates all the delicious weirdness so beautifully. What could be the most terrifying thing to attack Violet well killer goblin clowns of course.
Episode 8.
08. Pod
Violet’s polka dot panties are her trademark look. They are so sexy on her. She also has one unique attitude that says do not mess with her. Violet does so many strange things she even takes a turn at playing Dr. Frankenstein.
Episode 9. 
09. Souled Out
Violet losses her soul and get possessed by a darkness. Her companions a doll and a teddy bear are there trying to help. Violet though just keeps getting into these weird situations that no one else ever would.
Episode 10. 
The Blackness is not a place you would ever want to be.
10. Thirty miles of bad road.
Violet is possessed again this time by the Blackness. The art delivers some up close scary images.
Mr. Kinky adds an interesting touch as Violet’s love interest.
Episode 11.
11. Tentacles
Violet does get tentacles. So does her maybe boyfriend. These two do get it on and thankfully we are not treated to all the squishy details.
Episode 12.
12. Pretty Like Drugs
Violet gets attacked from a most unexpected source. The surprises do just keep coming.
Here we see the possible way Violet’s sister Bluebelle may have died or been killed.
Most of all in this chapter we are given the impression Violet may not be all that sane.
“Season Three: Moon Swings”
Episode 13. 
Dolores may have taken on more than she can handle.
13. Pumpkins
The illustrations of Violet are just amazing. She has a look to her that grabs your attention and holds it. The fetish nurse is a cute character with a diabolical agenda. And she is just full of surprises. Violet is full of it to in a nice violent way. Dolores Twist the killer doll gets what she deserves.
Episode 14. 
What if Violet was a cheerleader? Noooo!! This is a funny scene and the sexual innuendos are cool.
14.Clockwork Candy
The Dogwitch  gets taken over again. It does happen to her a lot. Violet gets to fight cheerleaders to. They are evil things here.
Episode 15.
15. Illuminator
Violet had a stay in Staymoore a hospital for the insane. She leaves there and than she commits acts of wicked magic and does things that offends others. She does what she wants.
Episode 16. 
Violet picks up a nice snack after we see her sent to the Banewoods.
16. Blasphemy
Violet does good all out here and she even fights herself. Interesting things just keep happening. Mr. Kinky is around to still.
Episode 17. 
17. Peepshow
Things do start to change. Violet has plans and nothing is going to stand in her way.
Episode 18.
18. Missy Aggravation
Violet gets even for how she was treated and banished.
Things start to wind down as Violet’s story nears its end. She is unlike any character you have ever seen. This Dogwitch will blow your mind and other parts to. She is pure magic in its most convoluted form.
Violet Grimm is a must read for anyone who likes anything or does not. Any and everyone will love this character. You can not help yourself you will be under her spell.
POD in ‘reflector’
POD has a doppelganger and its loose. POD’s doppelganger is one frightening sight. Dolores and Ralphy the magick dolls are on the hunt for the doppelganger. Things do get way out of hand and only getting more out of hand helps.
POD in ‘delirious’
POD does have her own adventures without Violet Grimm. This is a fun tale with a fun ending. Nightmares are cool.
A Dogwitch Quickie
Rule # 4
Rule # 4 is whatever Violet wants it to be.
Violet Grimm has left the building. The End.
This is one of the best comics you are ever going to enjoy and it will enjoy having you to. The weird magic here just flows through the pages. You have never find someone like Violet Grimm anywhere. .

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