BOOK CAVE: Final Outpost Of The Dire Planet

Final Outpost Of The Dire Planet
by Joel Jenkins

I just finished reading the latest of Joel Jenkins Dire Planet series. I’ve mentioned several times that Joel could write a book using his secondary characters as main characters, that is the ones who survive. This book has proven me right.

From what I have read, for every new character he brings into the series, at least 3 to 4 characters  you hope would survive, are killed off. So far he hasn’t killed off a couple of my favorite characters. I won’t mention who they are, not even to Joel, for fear they might be the next to go.

So far the Dire Planet series is the longest running of all his series and with the many amazing new characters he keeps adding (the ones that survive that is) I can see the series lasting for a long time, with or without Garvey Dire.

If you liked his Dire Planet series, you’ll love any and all of his other books, set in the past, present, future, on or off Earth. Joel Jenkins can write in any genre and make you enjoy his many characters and having you hope they survive. Be sure and read his other books from his Pulp Work Press collection.

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