RICH REVIEWS: Doctor Who: Fury From The Deep (animated) Episodes 4

Doctor Who: Fury From The Deep (animated)

Season 1, Episode 4

Premieres Sunday, March 21 at 6pm ET/5c


Voice Actors:
Maggie Harris…June Murphy
Chief Robson…Victor Maddern
Dr. Who…Patrick Troughton
Price…Graham Leaman
Van Lutyens…John Abineri
Chief Engineer…Hubert Rees
Mr. Oak…John Gill
Mr. Quill…Bill Burridge
Victoria…Deborah Watling
Jamie…Frazer Hines
Frank Harris…Roy Spencer
Main Gate Guard…Peter Ducrow
Meagan Jones…Margaret John
Perkins…Brian Cullingford

Produced by: Peter Bryant

Directed by: Hugh David

Written by: Victor Pemberton

Run Time: 25 min, 46 sec
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: On the Rig a noise is heard from the seaweed creature it sounds a lot like a heart beat.
The Doctor has no idea what is going on.
Van Lutyens is shown investigating the drilling shaft. The shaft is given a creepy look and feel to it. The Doctor and Jamie join Van Lutyens down below. Van Lutyens has disappeared.
The arms look as if they are to stiff when the characters move them up and down. The seaweed creature is made to look like a blob/cloud type of creature with seaweed tentacles.
The seaweed creature is making its move making its presence known. It is taking over humans. For what purpose though? As we find out more about what is going on a mystery the mystery of what it wants still remains. Or does it.
The creature has made its move and its plans become clear. The whole world may be in deadly peril and only the Doctor can stop it. Will he figure out what to do in time or succumb to the creature to.
In this episode things do start to pick up.

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