RICH REVIEWS: Doctor Who: Fury From The Deep (animated) Episodes 2

Doctor Who: Fury From The Deep (animated)
Season 1, Episode 2
Premieres Sunday, March 21 at 6pm ET/5c

Voice Actors:
Dr. Who…Patrick Troughton
Victoria…Deborah Watling
Jamie…Frazer Hines
Chief Robson…Victor Maddern
Chief Engineer…Hubert Rees
Van Lutyens…John Abineri
Frank Harris…Roy Spencer
Maggie Harris…June Murphy
Price…Graham Leaman
Mr. Oak…John Gill
Mr. Quill…Bill Byrridge
Chief Baxter…Richard Hayes
Produced by: Peter Bryant
Directed by: Hugh David
Written by: Victor Pemberton
Run Time: 24 min, 38 sec
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Victoria is being attacked by stuff. Meanwhile, another woman is not feeling well she was bitten by a strange weed. The weed is interfering with the rig drilling for gas.
The animation looks good enough and does fit the style of the show.
The Sonic Screwdriver makes its debut here. It is a small yet amazing piece of technology.
On the Rig, they are having problems, and yes there is something in the pipeline that should not be there. The Doctor and his two friends do just keep investigating trying to help and figure out exactly what is going on.
The story does move along a little slow. The characters are shown doing nothing too much. The one Chief does push to get something done he knows something is wrong.
Victoria can be strong but also weak. She wants to be there in the thick of it but when she is and she gets in danger she then acts weak and defenseless.
The Doctor is always level-headed and he just keeps going and going.

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