RICH REVIEWS: Doctor Who: Fury From The Deep (animated) Episodes 1

Doctor Who: Fury From The Deep (animated)
Season 1, Episode 1
Premieres Sunday, March 21 at 6pm ET/5c

Voice Actors:
Dr. Who…Patrick Troughton
Jamie…Frazer Hines
Victoria…Deborah Watling
Chief Robson…Victor Maddern
Frank Harris…Roy Spencer
Price…Graham Leaman
Mr. Oak…John Gill
Maggie Harris…June Murphy
Main Gate Guard…Peter Ducrow
Chief Carney…John Garvin
Mr. Quill…Bill Byrridge
Chief Engineer…Hubert Rees
Van Lutyens…John Abineri
Chief Baxter…Richard Mayes

Produced by: Peter Bryant

Directed by: Hugh David

Written by: Victor Pemberton

Run Time: 26 min, 31 sec
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: The Tardis landing on the water looks great the animation is so good on it.
The Doctor, Jamie, and Victoria find themselves in England and going ashore. They find something strange right away. They also find themselves under attack.
On a pipeline compound, the Doctor is under suspicion. Something is going on here. The pipeline is blocked but by what? We see a planet of some kind and it moves. It looks strange and behaves even stranger.
The Doctor and Jamie are off investigating on their own while Victoria is as well as her own. Victoria finds herself in deadly danger as something comes after her. The Doctor and Jamie race to her rescue but will they arrive in time? It is a cliffhanger ending that will leave you waiting for the next episode.
The Doctor is portrayed as an older man who is a bit sexiest. He is shown through as wanting to get to the truth about whatever is going on here.

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