RICH REVIEWS: Dance Class # 10

Title: Dance Class # 10 (GN)
Publisher: Paper Cutz
Writer: Beka
Artist: Crip
Colorist: Maela Cosson
Production: Mark McNaab
Translation: Joe Johnson
Lettering: Wilson Ramos Jr.
Price: $10.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Letting It Go” The ballet dancers are getting ready for a big show of the Snow Queen. The starring ballet dancer gets to wear a beautiful dress.
This school of dance is filled with drama. A mystery and a thief occur. The Snow Queen dress is stolen and without it no big performance. Carla decides to find out who took it. She herself being a suspect.
Carla pushes too hard to not be a suspect even after the dress is found. She lets it interfere in other aspects of her life.
This book clearly shows how hard young ballet dancers work at their art. The art itself shows them all as cute young girls. Each one is illustrated as an individual with traits of their own that stand out.
The dress is on everyone’s mind. Julie though is the one who gets to wear it in the show. The show is a huge success and all are happy but the dress well it’s gone yet again. It is a really nicely designed dress and beautifully colored.
The writing and art blend so well together to deliver a fun entertaining story that all are sure to enjoy.

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