AHOY Comics Delays the Release of Two Comics and Temporarily Lowers Prices on Select Digital Trade Paperbacks

(March 23, 2020) Today AHOY Comics announced that they would delay the publication of two of their upcoming titles in light of the global pandemic affecting businesses worldwide. The debut issue of ASH & THORN, a story about a septuagenarian who becomes the reluctant savior of the world, will be delayed from 4/1 until 4/29. In addition, the release of BILLIONAIRE ISLAND #2, the second issue in the darkly satirical series about billionaires escaping to a floating island, will be delayed from 4/8 to 4/15.

“This is the first time in AHOY’s history that a title has been delayed,” said Editor-in-Chief Tom Peyer, “and obviously we’re disappointed that our readers will have to wait a little longer to see old ladies kicking apocalyptic ass and billionaires getting their much-deserved comeuppance— but these are unusual times. We’re facing some rocky seas as a community right now, but  we’ll get through this storm together!”

“To be clear, AHOY is not suspending operations,” said freelance Ops Director Stuart Moore. “We’re delaying the launch of ASH & THORN in order to give this unique new title a chance to find its audience, and we’re moving BILLIONAIRE ISLAND #2 in order to space out our new releases better. We recognize that some retailers want new product, while others are asking for a slowdown of shipments. That’s the needle we’ll be threading in the weeks to come.”

Kit Caoagas, AHOY’s Marketing Associate, added that “our thoughts are with our retail partners, comic shops, and bookstores as well as our readers during this difficult and strange time. We would especially love to hear from retailers to see what more we can do to support them as we all adapt to this seismic shift in the market and our lives. We’ll be working closely with Diamond in the weeks ahead.”

“We know that fans will have a lot of questions about what this means moving forward,” said AHOY Comics Publisher Hart Seely. “Like the rest of you, we’re still working on figuring out what the future looks like. But we also know that we’ll all need art and stories and humor now more than ever, so we’re doing our very best to steer this ship through the stormy waters and make sure our readers can continue to expect more from us. After all, those hell-demons and greedy cartoon billionaires aren’t going to kick their own asses!”

AHOY Comics also announced today that, effective immediately and for a limited time, all of the company’s trade paperback collections, with the exception of SECOND COMING, will be made available on comiXology for $9.99. 

AHOY recently joined the comiXology Unlimited, where for just $5.99 a month with a 60-day free trial at comiXology.com/unlimited, subscribers can read favorite titles like WRONG EARTH, CAPTAIN GINGER, HIGH HEAVEN, SNIFTER OF TERROR, PLANET OF THE NERDS, BRONZE AGE BOOGIE, and HASHTAG: DANGER. 

Quarantine reading has never looked better,” said Peyer, adding: “Oh, God. It’s only been a week and I’ve forgotten how to talk to people.”

AHOY Comics is led by Publisher Hart Seely, an award-winning reporter whose humor and satire has appeared in The New York Times and on National Public Radio; editor-in-chief Tom Peyer, a veteran of DC Comics’ Vertigo imprint; Stuart Moore, who handles something called “Ops”; and Chief Creative Officer Frank Cammuso. Since its debut in September of 2018, AHOY Comics has pledged for readers to “expect more” from its line of comic book magazines and graphic novels with full length comic book stories, accompanied by “extras” including short prose fiction, the occasional recipes, and even a crossword puzzle. 

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