RICH REVIEWS: Cool Kids Punch Nazis

Title: Cool Kids Punch Nazis
Publisher: Big Tim’s Funny Books
Written by Big Tim Stiles
Art: S. M. Iger & Jerry Winters (Kangaroo Man), Alan Fraser (Little Adolf), and Richard E. Hughes & Dan Gabrielson (Black Terror)
Cover Art by: Matt Kyme
Price: free online
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Comments: The first story stars Kangaroo Man. The writer has changed all the dialogue from the original story. Kangaroo Man and his kangaroo get into lots of hard-hitting fights. We do get to watch Nazi’s being punched. The story other than hitting Nazi’s does not have any real story.
The art is done very well and does show Kangaroo Man as a man of action.
Little Adolf in the second story gets a workout at the gym. The art is fun and Adolf gets just what he deserves.
The Black Terror is the third story. Black Terror and Teen Terror are fighting more Nazis. The way Teen Terror talks to Black Terror it is supposed to be funny but just comes across as rude and arrogant. A lot of the story has the Nazi’s talking in German so you can not understand it. The mention of Baron Zemo was cute. This story does have a lot of punching Nazis.
The message and moral of this story is, punch more Nazis.
The art looks great throughout this comic. The story is changed from the original does not seem right. It does have a few moments that are cool. The black and white art does fit the more classic look and the characters are good. The idea for the story is something you rarely see so the unique approach is different.

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