Title: Chloe # 1 (GN)
Publisher: Charmz
Story: Greg Tessier and Amandine
Art and Color: Amandine
Cover: Amandine
Translation: Joe Johnson
Price: $ 9.99 US
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Comments: Chloe is illustrated as one beautifully cute girl. The pin-up of her as a cute little female Sherlock Holmes is adorable. Each chapter starts off with a cute pin-up of Chloe. These are fantastic drawings. The evening gown pin-up is simply stunning.
Chloe is having her first day at her new middle school, she is in the eighth grade. She meets Anissa a well endowed eight grader.
Fitting in at a new school is not easy. Chloe though does get by. She also meets Alex a boy in ninth grade.
Chloe has a plan to get Alex. She must infiltrate the worst group at school, the popular girls. Chloe wants the popularity and she wants a boyfriend but she knows these girls are not true friends. Chloe knows these girls are not nice.
Chloe finally learns her lesson. The best person she can be is herself.
The Blin family go on vacation. Chloe is shown in poses and the writing that she is not happy. Well, the vacation flies by just not fast enough for poor Chloe. Chloe is such a lovely girl so nice so she does make a new friend in Alice. The friendship blossoms as these two girls are shown hitting it off.
Chloe has her ups and down. Her life is just like any young thirteen-year-old girls. She falls in love so easily and has all the problems of a teenager too. Chloe is definitely a girl you will be cheering for and hoping she is always happy even when she is not.
The story is about a young girl growing up and facing lives challenges. Any young girl would love this book or anyone as well.

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