RICH REVIEWS: Adventures of Miss Fit


Professional bodybuilder Denise Masino has spent her life striving for the physical perfection of a superhero. When she discovers there are people calling themselves real-life superheroes (dressing in costume and fighting crime!) she embarks on a journey across the U.S. to get to the bottom of this incredible story. Skeptical about the mission and sometimes the sanity of the colorful characters she meets, she is also charmed by their heart and personality. When faced with a devastating personal crisis, she responds to adversity in her own life by releasing her own inner hero and in a series of life changing events, discovers her true mission in life.

A Llama Pictures picture.
Produced by: Gregg Simpson & Denise Masino
Songs by: Markland & The Little Miss
Sound Design by: Michel Tyabji
Music by: Bruno Coon
Edited by: Gregg Simpson, Amir Barda, and Matthew Chilelli
Directed by: Gregg Simpson

Los Angeles heroes:
Denise Masino a.k.a. Miss Fit
Sakura Tora
The Handler & Gio
White Scorpion
Good Samaritan
Kuroshi No Santo
Cheyenne Koi
Danger Man
Flower Power

San Diego Heroes:
The Grimm
Urban Avenger
Emerald Fael
Mr Xtreme
Vigilante Spider
Blue Alpha
Crimson Crow
Divine Force
The Blue Angst
The Nyght

Northern California Heroes:
Rock N. Roll
Night Bug
Olde School
Cheshire Cat
Waffle Cat
Super Latina
Super Chicano
Hawt Flash
Celia Shure

Oregon Heroes:
Danger Man
Knight Owl
The Blue Blaze

Washington Heroes:
Midnight Jack
Pitch Black
White Baron
John Drop

Florida Heroes:
Master Legend

Salt Lake Heroes:
Professor Midnight

New York Heroes:
Super Mom

Washington D.C. Heroes:
DC’s Guardian

Chicago Heroes:
Moon Knight

Nevada Heroes:
Phantom Patriot

Mississippi Heroes:
Violet Valkyrie
The Hope

Canada Heroes:

Octavius Fong
Kaptain Blackheart
The Baroness

Ana & Sammy Sanchez
The Sanchez Family
The Castellano Family
Jennifer Campbell
Jose Gonzalez
Chuck Norman
Peter Tangen
Tea Krulos
Lydia Sorto
Tony Fernandez
Kerstin Schulze
Nancy Lai
Marc Bossley
Chuck Van Patten
Shannon McCann
Andrea Kilgannon

Run Time: 1 hour 27 min 58 sec
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Comments: Great music gets you into the mood for this movie as it starts. The opening scene certainly gets your attention.
This film is about Miss Fit aka Denise Masino finding out about real life Super-Heroes. Miss Fit does look extremely fit and very beautiful. Miss Fit does interview some of these real-life superheroes.

Master Legend is her first interviewee. He does fight crime. He comes across as a dynamic person. He is an ordinary guy and also a super-hero. He does come across as eccentric but you can tell he is a good guy. He had a troubled past. Now he is a real life super-hero in life. His heart is in the right place.
Miss Fit also meets Danger Man. He does train. His main goal is to make money with sponsors. He takes risks in doing stunts.
Antiman and Blue Blaze are two super-heroes who look the part. In their costumes, they stand out. These guys come across as weird.
Zetaman is just a guy who wears a costume and helps people. He helps the homeless giving them supplies the cost coming entirely from his own pocket. That is a true hero. Geist, Zero, Nihilist, Midnight Jack. Rock N. Roll, Sage are all superheroes who help out others.
Superhero yes his superhero name is actually Superhero. He comes across as a great guy.
Razorhawk is also shown here.
Denise gets to dress up as a superhero herself. So Miss Fit is born. She then goes to an event to raise money to help the homeless.
Knight Owl, Vigilante Spider, Bearman, Anonyman, Moon Knight (yes he is modeled after the Marvel character), Crimson Crow, Superhero, Ladyhero, The Handler, DC’s Guardian, Razorhawk, Mr. Xtreme, Olde School, Sage, Emerald Fael, Sakura, The Grim, Nihilist, Night Bug all these heroes got together to help the homeless not because they have to but because they want to. They give of their time. Their mission is simply to help others. They show they care. Miss Fit gets right in there too.
Miss Fit does get into the lives of these super-heroes.
We are also given a look at Denise Masino. She is a body builder and created a magazine about body builders who pose nude including herself. It promotes the beauty of female body builders. We are given a look at her family as well. She does have a great love for them. That’s made clear. Her aunt is a hero battling cancer.
Guardian Angels are represented in the film too. They are a wonderful group that patrols the streets working with the police and they help people.
St. Jude’s Warrior Dash is a group of Miss Fit’s super-heroes set to raise money for sick kids. Denise set this up to help children. The Warrior Dash was a great event that pushed people to push themselves.
These real life superheroes are real heroes.

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