RICH REVIEWS: Captain Paiute # 1

Title: Captain Paiute # 1
Publisher: War Paint Studios
Story/Art: Theo Tso
Story/Words: Rob Schmidt
Letters: Kurt Hathaway
Colors: Edmilson Witchimichen & Mickey Clausen
Edits: Rob Schmidt
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Captain Paiute aka Luther Pah is illustrated in a nice pose on page one. He has a determined expression on his face. The other people a lot of them are drawn with way to big a heads. The proportions are off.
We learn about a little about the owl in native american culture and others. The illustration of the owl looks great.
Here Waylon Williams a man involved with dark and terrible things returns to the graveyard on the Rez. He gets possessed and has soul eating energy. Yes he has become truly evil with this possession. Captain Paiute comes after him and a battle ensues. Why though are these two fighting? What does Waylon want to accomplish? These are questions that should be answered.
Waylon gets the villain name of Bad Medicine which is actually really cool and fits perfectly.
This issue tells the origin of Captain Paiute. The actual origin could use a few more details. Than the use of his powers that is explained a little more.
Bad Medicine is drawn with glowing eyes which the art really brings out. His smile one look at it says he is evil.
Captain Paiute is a hero willing to defend his people. He draws on the elemental power of water to do so. Water is pure and so is Captain Paiute.

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