RICH INTERVIEWS: Dwayne Biddix Artist Stabbity Bunny

First Comics News: How did you become so great at drawing bunnies?

Dwayne Biddix: Ha ha, well that comes with living with them in the wild until accepted as one of their own and learning the ways of— Wait, no that was Jane Goodall and chimps. Just a lot of practice and study.

1st: What type of personality does your art give to Grace?

Dwayne: The biggest things we wanted to bring to her is a mix of her sweetness and innocence, but also a sort of stone cold-ness when she needs to be.

1st: Is it hard to keep the tattoos on characters the same from panel to panel and issue to issue?

Dwayne: Oh for sure, it can be. Working digitally makes it a bit easier because I can just draw it once and reuse it to keep it consistent.

1st: Who is your favorite character to draw in “Stabbity Bunny”?

Dwayne: Glyph for sure. I love the evil characters. It allows me to really cut loose with them and let their acting really go big.

1st: Will you get to draw much action or blood in “Stabbity Bunny”?

Dwayne: Oh there is a lot of action coming up. I just finished a huge scene that is really pushing the action and darkness of the story. As for blood, no not really, a lot of implied but we want this to be from a child’s eyes, so we are like parents who cover the kid’s eyes at the graphic parts of the movie. But that doesn’t hurt the deep darkness of the story, at all!

1st: What is the importance of this Bunny to the comic?

Dwayne: That’s a great question, but I don’t actually know it all! I am just one issue ahead of the reader when it comes to what I know. I didn’t want to know all the secrets because then it is just about me getting to that. I wanted it to be organic for me, so I am a lot like a fan, reading and discovering it slowly as I go forward so I am asking all the same questions the readers are. It keeps it fresh and exciting for me!

1st: Have you ever seen another comic book like this one or even one close to it?

Dwayne: Hmm… Not that I can think of, but I think it does have a lot of classic tones to it, like the mix of darkness and childhood wonder you see in the best fairy tales.

1st: What advice do you have for other comic book artists?

Dwayne: Draw. That is the most common answer, but that is the truth. The only way to learn, to work through your problems, to understand how to tell a story is to just do it. Even if it is wrong, do it. You will grow, you will get better. Mistakes are ok, so long as you learn from it and keep in the work!

1st: Do you prefer working on horror art to super-hero art?

Dwayne: Both are fun. I have been a huge horror fan my whole life. So that is a really fun place to play in. But superheroes are so much fun too. I even love straight up comedy. The end of the day it is all about the story. Telling something you love, want to share, or to say something important or just make someone laugh. That is the most fun.

1st: Would you like to do another “Morbid Myths” issue?

Dwayne: Oh man. I’ve talked about it a lot. It was so much fun creating these short horror stories. I think someday I would like to revive it, in some form. Someday.

1st: Do you enjoy doing doing covers or interior art more, is there a difference in how you approach them?

Dwayne: Covers are a bit more fun to me, I love illustrating, capturing a moment or emotion in a single image is really fun. But I also love story and doing interior art really allows me to dig into it and find the coolest way to show it. As for the difference, a cover is a two part thing. One, it is about capturing a single moment that shows the best part of the story without giving the story away, but two, it is an advertisement. So you have to think about how it sits on a shelf, does it stand out? Does it draw a reader in? Does it excite? Make you ask questions? Pages are more of the straight forward telling of the story.

1st: Would you like to do a regular title from Marvel or DC if so which one?

Dwayne: I think every comic artist wants to play for the big two someday. I would LOVE a chance to do some cover work to sort of dip my toe in the pool. As for who? Marvel, I love the Merry Mutants. I would love to do something with the X-Men. And for DC, I LOVE Green Lantern. I would love a chance to be a part of that.

1st: Who has supported you in your career the most?

Dwayne: On a personal level, my fiancee, Audra has been a HUGE supporter. And my cousin Chris. We started in comics together, doing our own comics, did Morbid Myths along with a lot of other amazing talents. And Stabbity creator Richard. He has been more than a collaborator, he has been a great friend and supporter. He helped me though a lot of tough times.

1st: What would you like to say to the Stabbity fans?

Dwayne: Thank you. I know there are so many amazing comics out there and to be chosen is amazing. Your support means the world to us. Hearing your kind words, supporting us, and helping us take Stabbity from a first idea to where we are now blows our minds. You guys are wonderful! We can honestly never thank you enough!

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