RICH REVIEWS: Captain Canuck Season 3 # 1

Captain Canuck #1 Variant
Captain Canuck #1 Variant

Title: Captain Canuck Season 3 # 1
Publisher: Chapterhouse
Written by: Kalman Andrasofszky
Layouts and Finishes by: Leonard Kirk and Emmanuelle Chateauneuf
Colours by: Yinfaowai Harrison
Letters by: Andrew Thomas
Cover by: John Gallagher
Variant Covers: Andrew Thomas, Fred Hembeck/with Donovan Yaciuk, Dan Day/with Donovan Yaciuk, Andrew Thomas/with Donovan Yaciuk
Edited by: Allison O’Toole
Captain Canuck Created by: Richard Comely and Ron Leishman
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: In Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada, Venetian Islands, Florida, USA, both are illustrated with very different scenery and many more places are shown.
Kipahigan Lake, Outside Flin Flon, Manitoba, Canada we see an outdoor rescue going on. Tom and Horse are shown as pros.
Now the present Tom Evans is just relaxing in Flin Flon wilderness country. Northguard has been sent here to fetch Tom. Tom has retired from the rest of the world this is now his life doing well here.
Dundas Square, Toronto, Ontario, Canada is under attack and Northguard and Crucible act for P.A.C.T. to defend it. They face an alien menace of world threatening power. They battle it as Tom reads his father’s journal in Flin Flon. The battle when you see what happens at the end you will be stunned. Tom well we will have to wait and see about him.
The art at times is done to dark. The alien menace is a huge powerhouse of destruction and nicely illustrated to show it as such.

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