RICH REVIEWS: Can’t Smurf Progress # 23

Title: Can’t Smurf Progress # 23
Publisher: Papercutz
A Smurfs Graphic Novel by: Peyo
Script: Philippe Delzenne and Thierry Culliford, Alain Jost
Art: Ludo Borecki and Pascal Garray, Jeroen De Coninck
Colors: Nine and Jose Grandmont, Paolo Maddeleni
Price: $ 5.99 US paperback, $ 10.99 US hardcover
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Comments: “Can’t Smurf Progress” Yearly repairs to the Smurf Village are under way. Lazy Smurf even finds a way to help out with Handy Smurf’s help.
Handy Smurf gets asked to build all kinds of labor saving machines and he does. They do seem helpful. It goes beyond just machines to wooden servants that do all the work for the Smurfs.
The Smurfs end up treating these clockwork servants badly. Yes when you treat servants badly they can and will revolt.
The art is all beautifully done. The Smurf’s are portrayed wonderfully and each one has a distinct personality. The clockwork servants as well look amazing.
The Smurf’s though they have been conquered do not give up hope. As long as one Smurf is free they fight on.
Well the Smurf’s are Smurfed and they Smurf back. So all’s Smurf that Smurfs well.
“Brainy Smurf’s Walk” This is a preview of “Smurfs Behind The Wall…”. The Smurf’s meet a group of Girl Smurfs. Brainy has a wonderful time with the girls well wonderful for them exhausting for him. The Girl Smurfs are a fun group. They are Smurf-tastic.
Smurfs are so much fun to follow along on their many adventures. You will have a Smurf of a time reading about them in this book.

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