BOOK CAVE: Section Seven By Rob Mancebo

This was an incredible book. A combination of six short stories with a main character by the name of Kane. When I first started reading the book, Kane reminded me of Dirty Harry. This was due to his way of changing partners. Unlike Dirty Harry, Kane fights demons. Kane works for Section Seven. This is a group that few heard of, but many need. I’m very impressed by how well Rob Mancebo is able to introduce the reader into each story. It can be in the middle or even towards the end. It doesn’t matter because you have all the information you need. When you enter the story you are where the important action is.

Unlike many action characters, Kane is a thinking fighter. Even when he is captured, Kane is the chess master, thinking of what needs to be done several moves ahead. Unlike any mortal villains, immortal demons do not die and are not really defeated, they are sent back to where they came from, if we are lucky and remain there to await another time for when they can attack next.

What is interesting to me is that a mortal thinks he can call a demon to do his bidding and think that it will work to his advantage. Sorry, but in every book, movie, T.V. show and comic book I know of, it never works that way. Something bad will happen to whoever is dumb enough to call them.

While to some Kane may appear to be arrogant, he isn’t, he’s smart. He knows what works in a fight and what doesn’t. This is one of the many things that makes him such a great character.

This book from PulpWork Press is great reading for a dark, stormy night with thunder, lightning and the howling of a wolf to set the proper scene to read in. I’m looking forward to reading more great books, and seeing many awards in the near future for Rob Mancebo.

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