RICH REVIEWS: Book of Lyaxia # 3

Title: Book of Lyaxia # 3
Publisher: Alcyone Studios
Story/Created by: Aron Pohara
Pencils: Andy Baquerizo
Inks: Tsubasa Yozora
Colors: Sean Forney & Jesse Heagy
Lettering: Francisco Zamora
Logo Design: Rob Cannon
Cover: Andy Baquerizo
Price: $ 10.00 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Deimos and Adonis are in the enemy’s city. Here Deimos fights a huge Dog Demon both are using magic. The Dog Demon half human and half dog is a vicious creature ready to kill. Deimos now acts to help and without hesitation.
Adonis gets into a pit to show his skills against the Lhander solders. Deimos does not sit ideally by. He uses his powers one of which is speed.  The scene of Deimos running is a scene of hope and confidence.
Apophis a giant serpentine creature makes an appearance. Anubis controls the beast and he also has magical powers. These young gods all seem to have some powers of some kind.
Ares decides to work with Chronos is drawn in a beautifully designed suit of armor.
This issue leaves no doubt about the relationship between Deimos and Adonis. Deimos now has a new suit of armor as well.
We see here Deimos has an attitude and he is not as good-natured as he would like you to think.
The story is more focused here as we see Deimos on his mission of peace yet is he really so peaceful. Both him and his brother now wear suits of armor which are for war.
The main city of Lhander is under attack and its ruler is ready to fight back.
The ending delivers some great looking art as a God arrives and some mysterious figure seems to be manipulating things. The series is picking up and getting better as it goes on.

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