RICH REVIEWS: Book of Lyaxia # 2

Title: Book of Lyaxia # 2
Publisher: Alcyone Studios
Story/Created by: Aron Pohara
Pencils: Andy Baquerizo
Inks: Tsubasa Yozora
Colors: Jesse Heagy
Lettering: Francisco Zamora
Logo Design: Rob Cannon
Cover: Collette Turner
Price: $ 10.00 US
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Comments: The creature art is gorgeous. The characters are all well-drawn.
We learn this story takes place on the world Nexus. The creatures are definitely not from Earth.
Now Deimos and Adonis are off to make peace, where and why do they need to make peace? These are things it would be nice to know. Are Deimos and Adonis in a relationship? What is their situation?
So something is going on between Lyaxia and Lhander.
Now it is mentioned that some of the people here have powers. What kind of powers is not said or shown. Another mystery to add to the many unanswered questions. Aw so there is magic here it is just not used because some mysterious Guardians would come after you if you did. What would they do to you? It would be nice to have more answers than questions.
Deimos and Adonis while in the woods are attacked. This attack leads to getting to see Aker Guardian of the Netherworld. This dragon-like creature is stunning.
Raziella is introduced. What is her mission? She is demonstrating power. What are the ghostly figures walking around?
The story jumps around way too much from one character to the next. It needs to focus.
In the back of this issue does offer some explanation as to the where and who of this book. So basically Mahees just wants to rule it all. That is why he wants to attack Chronos and the Capitol City of Titaan.
The art does stand out in this comic and the dragon is one powerfully illustrated beast.

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