Title: Bluebeard (HC)
Publisher: Papercutz
By: Metaphrog (John Chalmers and Sandra Marrs)
Price: $ 19.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Comments: The art style is lovely and does bring out the fairy tale atmosphere in the book.
Castle Bluebeard does have a strange imposing look to it.
Eve is a village girl and she has a wonderful life and Tom is her special friend.
The colors are beautifully done throughout the book. The art style is for a younger audience yet still any age can enjoy it.
Eve has a kind and good heart. She does have a happy little life. Until the rain came. Eve and her family and friend Tom all end up suffering.
Bluebeard has many rumors circulating about him. All are based on no facts at all.
Eve finds her life changing. She loves Tom but is now fated to marry Bluebeard. Eve moves into the castle and lives with her husband. There are evil things going on within these walls.
Bluebeard does show his true colors. Him and Eve do end up in a fight for each others very lives.
This starts out a charming tale and turns into a horror story. Eve is our star and she shines so bright. This fairy tale does end as so many do.
Eve is a role model for any young girl. She does the right thing. You will be amazed by the young girl becoming a woman.

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