RICH REVIEWS: Black Betty # 1

Title: Black Betty # 1
Publisher: Action Lab Comics
Written by: Shawn Gabborin
Art by: Michela Da Sacco
Colors by: Rosa “Rosakaz” Rantila
Cover: Michela Da Saccco
Variant Covers: Michela Da Sacco, Marco Maccagni, Dan Mendoza
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Black Betty is fighting an Enenra a smoke monster. How does one fight smoke? Betty better figures it out fast.
Betty is illustrated as a woman who is built with a few extra pounds that it looks like she knows how to use to pound with. The Enenra is drawn as a deadly smoke creature. Betty has a trick though for fighting it.
If you have a problem with a monster and lots of cash you to get hire Black Betty to rid you of your problem. Even if it is a big ugly troll. Betty is confident in her ability to take down any monster. She is one tough lady. Plus carrying a gun helps with that confidence.
It is pointed out a few times that she only works if paid to kill monsters. There is some mystery as we are told very little about Betty.
The attitude of the comic is fun, Betty is tough and the monsters scary.

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