RICH REVIEWS: Battlecats: Fallen Legacy Vol. 2

Title: Battlecats: Fallen Legacy Vol. 2
Publisher: Mad Cave Studios
Creator/Writer: Mark London
Artist/Cover: Michael Camelo
Color Artist/Color Cover: Tekino
Concept Colorist: Julian Gonzalez
Designer/Letterer: Miguel Angel Zapata
Assistant Colorist: Jonathan Prada
Price: $ 17.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Trials: Chapter One” For disobeying their King Eramad III the Battlecats find themselves fighting for their lives in a gladiatorial arena.
Kelthan, Zorien, Mekkar, Kaleera and Vaela make up this battle hard fighting group of Battlecats. Here we see why Kelthan is the Hero of Legend and leader of the Battlecats when he tells them to get up it is not a matter of whether they can it is done. This moment is truly inspiring.
Meanwhile, Valadar is scheming and moving to attack. He has his plans moving forward and the people are starting to suffer for it.
“Gardens of Solitude: Chapter Two” Here we learn more about the past. Natharien the advisor to the King may be getting older yet he has power. The huge guardians he uses to fight are illustrated as powerful tools.
“The Link: Chapter Three” We see Valdara and his group of four fighters. These beings are killers and do his every bidding.
The Battlecats in the past, are shown finding Atrain who can help them get Vaela back whether he wants to or not.
In the present, the Battlecats fight in the arena for their lives. The five Battlecats fight hard in the arena and at the end of it, four stand tall. The scene will make you stop and have you thinking no it can not be.
“Old Friends: Chapter Four” Will the Battlecats King push them too far? Lady Adastril an advisor to King Eramad acts. The King stands his ground firmly yet he sees all around him.
King Eramad is shown as a proud warrior and King he just wants what of best for his people. He follows the mandates of the Lion God. King Eramad and Lady Adastril do form a trusting relationship as each cares for the people of the land.
Valadar and his forces are approaching King Eramad and his forces when they meet all hell will break loose.
“The Fall: Chapter Five” Here Eramad and Valadar meet and battle for rulership.  The art is so gorgeous throughout this book, the characters are amazingly illustrated showing off their individuality. The warriors in each of them come to the forefront. Here the characters get a little hard to follow who is who and how they tie into the overall story.
“Rorinclaw: Chapter Six” Valadar faces Kelthan and their battle is glorious. All the forces gathered to join in one huge battle.
This is one epic battle with the fate of a world in the balance. What comes next?

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