Comic Distro Distribute Comic Books For TidalWave Productions

(San Jose, CA) – May 4, 2021 – Comic Distro announces a distribution partnership with TidalWave Productions to sell their comic books direct to stores.

“We’re excited to distribute TidalWave comic books and publications to stores. They have a rich library of compelling stories and their biographies are second-to-none,” says Comic Distro’s Founder Austin Osueke.

Comic Distro’s comic book distribution service connects retailers with an expansive collection of TidalWave Productions original comic books such as ’10th Muse’, ‘Power of the Valkyrie’, ‘Victoria’s Secret Service’, ‘Communion’, ‘Female Force’, ‘Political Power’, ‘FAME’, ‘Vincent Price Presents’, and ‘Legend of Isis’. Comic Distro will also distribute their bestselling biography comics that profile history makers such as country music icon Dolly Parton, soccer legend Diego Maradona, US Vice President Kamala Harris, and US First Lady Jill Biden.

“I am excited to see a new player in the world of comic distributors,” says TidalWave Productions Publisher Darren G. Davis. “Comic book stores are the backbone of the comic book industry. Giving them a choice of distributors is a game changer. Comic Distro is a ground breaking one stop shop for the comic book world”.

Comic Distro will immediately distribute TidalWave’s new comic books as well as titles from their 20-year library.

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