RICH REVIEWS: Ariol # 10 The Little Rats of the Opera

Title: Ariol # 10 “The Little Rats of the Opera” (GN)
Publisher: Papercutz
Writer: Emmanuel Guibert
Artist/Cover: Marc Boutavant
Colorist: Remi Chaurand
Translation: Joe Johnson
Lettering: Bryan Senka
Price: $ 12.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Ariol’s dad tells him a tale from his army days. Some pranks go too far and are just mean rather than funny.
Ariol and his class get a special dance teacher. She has fun ways of getting the students to dance. It is nice to see the interacts of the students with her and each other.
Taking a photo can be fun and certainly is with Ariol and his uncle. These two do get to play a lot.
Cleaning up his room Ariol finds that the space he made is just right to add more items. Which is funny to see because that is definitely not why his mother wanted his room cleaned.
Ariol has such a complicated life. The one main thing in his life is Petula a girl in his class that he is so in love with. You can feel his love for her in these pages.
Ariol has so many short adventures in these pages like visiting a bar for a drink with his dad. They end up meeting a new friend.
Ariol and his friend have great imaginations until it comes to using them for school work than they seem to just disappear. Using your imagination is more fun when it is for play only.
Voting with his grandmother is an experience for Ariol. They almost start a riot.
Ariol and his pig friend certain do some strange things. You should see what they take to the beach. You will not believe it.
A day at the grandparent’s house has the kids trying to keep busy. The kids want to do things while the grandparents well they are a little slower paced.
Ariol and his dad do care for his mother but both are shown a little uncaring here. Or rather just caring about themselves. Well, little donkeys can be that way.
Yes, Ariol is a donkey and in these stories, he acts just like a real boy.
The boys do have fun at whatever they do. Visiting a construction site is fun for them too.
You will enjoy going along on the short adventures that Ariol has as he lives his life and enjoys it.

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