RICH INTERVIEWS: Sukanya Basu Mallik Writer/Author “Shards of Ink”

Sukanya Basu Mallik, is an alumnus of Auxilium Convent school, that loves to write poems and short-stories. She was a creative writer for many popular journals and magazines in India like The Telegraph in Schools, Indian Sahitya Academy bimonthly, Reader’s Digest & The Teenager Today. She is a co-author of 7 anthologies till date including an anthology of “30 best stories” by Future publishers and distributors, Kolkata & ‘divérsé-city youth anthology (Austin International Poetry Festival ). She’s also looking forward to publishing her debut by the end of this year

First Comics News: Why do you love to write?

Sukanya Basu Mallik: Well… it’s like asking, “Why do you live?”. Writing is natural to me. People often ask me how I write, or what I exactly try to convey through my poems, but the truth is, there is something … that makes me write, that makes those words flow through my fingertips. I don’t really put in any extra effort. It just happens

1st: What genre stories do you write for The Pen Man’s Diary Publishers?

Sukanya: It was a sort of moral fiction. It revolves around the themes of promise, faith & parental love.

1st: In “Shards of Ink” who is the main character and what are they like?

Sukanya: The father, he is separated from his child & leaves no stone unturned to keep up the promise he made unto his khokon

1st: Why will people enjoy reading “Shards of Ink”?

Sukanya: It is a collection of stories from different writers and that makes if diverse. Eclecticism is much admired by the modern generation.

1st: Will you do more writing for The Pen Man’s Diary Publishers?

Sukanya: That depends upon their future projects & mine too.

1st: Which piece that you have written is the most emotional for you?

Sukanya: I wrote a poem named “Turning of the fortune wheel” while I was suffering from some ambiguous disease last year. It was already 3 months of pain & the byproduct of disgust. “Taws the final year, of my high school and I was kind of devastated. I just wanted things to get better. That’s it!

1st: What did you contribute to “Dream Catchers: New Beginnings Vol. 1”?

Sukanya: It was a poem named “I dream to touch the sky one day”. I simply wrote down my thoughts based on the theme & it got selected.

1st: What was the most important thing you learned at Auxilium Convent School?

Sukanya: English! Creative writing in English is probably the only thing I do that I am proud about & that wouldn’t be possible without Auxilium. Also, A.C.B. owes the credits for all the hidden messages that I incorporate within my moral fiction pieces. The moral science classes at the lovely missionary school greatly influenced my personality.

1st: You are skilled in computer animation will you pursue this as a career at all?

Sukanya: You never know what life has in store. I could totally shift over from a creative writer to an animation or content writer. And if I don’t, I can still use my limited web designing skills for blogging and maintaining my own website.

1st: What did you write to win the Youth Anthology contest?

Sukanya: “Turning of the fortune wheel”

1st: What is Fame Compendium?

Sukanya: It’s an online global community for creative people. The community promotes writing, art & photography as of now.

1st: What is life like in India?

Sukanya: Interesting, but I definitely want to become a resident of the UK or US sometime soon.

1st: What are your career goals for your future?

Sukanya: I surely want to become a full-time writer, with a major influence in the industry. Seems too much aye? But then that’s my dream & I’m dreaming the hardest (with my eyes open!)

1st: What would you like to say to those who have read your work and enjoyed it?

Sukanya: I love reading your feedback, it might take some time if you text me on social media, filling up the contact form through my website can expedite this process though. I also receive a good number of emails from my dear juniors & followers asking me to critic their work, I actually do that! I know how it feels during the initial stages, always ready to help, just fill in the contact form or drop me an email at do not forget to follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to remain updated.

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