RICH REVIEWS: Argent Starr: Tales from the Archives Volume 1 # 4

Title: Argent Starr: Tales from the Archives Volume 1 # 4
Publisher: Krel Komix
Writing: Lyn T. Byrd & Ritemus
Art, Lettering & Design: Ritemus
Color: Lyn T. Byrd
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Comments: Argent is breaking into a facility. The atmosphere is a dark setting. Argent blends into it using his Shadowfog. He also has Memoryfog and Datafog which combined make him invisible to people and machines.
The story jumps around way too much.
Mrs. Thorne looks gorgeous. She comes across as a professional.
Specter the cat is illustrated to perfection.
Argent enters a high stakes card game. The prizes are unique ones.
The story needs more focus. You are left wondering what exactly is going on. It needs more excitement in it.
Argent Starr does come across as a secret agent type. He is calm cool and relaxed. He appears always ready for action.

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