RICH INTERVIEWS: Stefano Labbia Creator/Author “Kremisi” (GN)

First Comics News: Do you remember the first story you ever wrote or which is the earliest one you do remember?

Stefano Labbia: Hi, thanks for this opportunity! I’m very very glad to be a part of this amazing site! Yes! I remember my first story! In the ’90 I wrote and drew a story called “Bonik” from the name of the protagonist. It was just a parody of the more famous Italian character Cattivik but a lot of characters that appear inside “Kremisi” were born right inside those stories! Altman, Tiger Crazy, Hellscat, Warp… were born a lot of years ago! And I’ve decided to put them inside the “Kremisi” stories. How can you call this fact? I’m a good “nostalgic” guy.

1st: What is the story outline for “Kremisi” and who exactly is Jackson Moore?

Stefano: Jackson Moore is an Afro American metalworker; he works in New York in an industry. He lost his wife recently and Spencer, his only son, is a preteen. One night, on his way home from work, Jackson is involved in a serious accident; a secret laboratory explodes. Chemicals mix and come into his body and he discovers he can be a sort of a “monster”; Kremisi. He can do everything he thinks. Every power, everything he thinks will happen. But every single decision has its consequences…

1st: Can you tell us why people might hate Bee?

Stefano: Oh. Nice question… I think Bee is the worst, evil and damned character in all of comics history – but, of course, I’m ready to be disproved! She is a politically incorrect young girl! And she is lazy, racist and, besides that, as if this were not enough, she will end up using her powers (she can expel from her mouth and her wrists bees that she mentally controls) against other ESPs!

1st: Who are a few other characters from “Kremisi”?

Stefano: Titania! If you ask me who is my favorite character from “Kremisi” & Super Santa saga… I answer that’s her (and Super Madness, of course!)! She is a Goddess that fell in Kremisi’s world with a trick by her sister, Demetria. She is young, pretty and immortal. But she had a special power; she can seduce every living creature! But she doesn’t use its/her power for its/her target. She/it is lost in a world she doesn’t know. And more of the situations that it (her) will be involved… are crazy! She/it don’t understand! She can’t! Of course, this character being a significant growth but I don’t wanna say more… for now!

1st: How would you describe Francesco Tosi’s art style?

Stefano: His work is simply amazing; I was in search of a style between classic American superhero comics and something new. The art of Francesco Tosi is fresh and smells of a geniality. It is something incredible!

1st: When do you expect to see this comic published?

Stefano: I hope very very soon! In Italy, some publisher showed interest in the volume like on the USA and Europe. Our goal is to give 110% in the realization of the product. We want it to be distributed in bookstores and/or comics shops, not just online: it will be a huge effort because the book is in color (Francesco is also a great colorist!) but we are ready. And we will do our best because we love doing it and because we believe in the product.

1st: Would “Kremisi” make a good movie or TV series?

Stefano: Honestly… yes. A production house is very interest in a Super Madness movie. I wrote a screenplay. I’m ready. The story is nearly to the original adventure but, of course, most of what works in a comic book doesn’t work for a TV show or a movie so… In the story, we meet Thoro and Eve/Super Madness. A short appearance of The Night Warrior and other characters but the story is based on Super Madness character.

1st: What is the number one thing that will stand out about “Kremisi”?

Stefano: Probably that it is not the “same old” hero. He doesn’t want to be a hero. He has a lot of problems… And he just wants to be left alone. But sometimes the things aren’t exactly how you want. Or as you would like… Essentially, “Kremisi” is a story with a lot of social concerns like the abuse of authority, the use of the violence, the bullying… I ask you a lot of questions. I always prefer the questions to the answers, ’cause an answer can lie. Question don’t.

1st: How is Killer Loops doing?

Stefano: Killer Loop’s is another graphic novel (black and white) that will be released in 2018 by LFA Publisher an Italian publisher house. It’s a totally different product compared to “Kremisi”; is a black humor story with protagonist a mercenary who has a spicy irony and a troubled past.

1st: Who is Super Santa?

Stefano: Super Santa is a hero! He lives in the same universe of Kremisi and tries to be a good man, saving people and fight the evil. He is a young guy who can change in Super Santa, an old and muscled Santa Claus who can fly and who has super strength! He is also invulnerable but of course, when he is human he is not invincible!

1st: Do you have any more ideas for comics?

Stefano: Oh yes… I have a lot! At now I work on three new series; Galaxian (a sci-fi adventure), Shona (a fantasy – sword & sorcery) and on Five (a special superhero story… with a young girl!). Other projects are on standby but… be ready!

1st: What one superpower would you most like to have and why?

Stefano: Oh man… That’s a hard one to answer! I guess… maybe I would be a teleporter. You can travel in an easy way, don’t you think? But even telekinesis is a very good power!

1st: What would you like to say to the future readers of “Kremisi”?

Stefano: It’s a very very intricate and unconventional story you can’t miss it! It has continuous twists and turns! You have never seen something like this! I mean… it’s what all the insiders and the editors who read it have said!

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