RICH REVIEWS: Archie Jumbo Comics 75th Anniversary Celebration # 2

archiejumbocomics75thanniversarycelebration_02-1Title: Archie Jumbo Comics 75th Anniversary Celebration # 2
Publisher: Archie Comics
Script: Frank Doyle, Dan Parent, Craig Boldman, Bob Bolling, Bob Montana
Pencils: Harry Lucey, Dan Parent, Rex Lindsey, Bob Bolling, Bob Montana
Inks: Terry Szenics, Jon D’Agostino, Rich Koslowski, Bob Bolling, Harry Lucey, Chic Stone, Bob Montana
Letters: Terry Szenics, Bill Yoshida, Bob Bolling
Colors: Barry Grossman
Cover by: Dan DeCarlo
Price: $ 6.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Payola” Archie gets out of control taking advantage of his friends. His dad helps him remember that you should not do that. His dad can be very stern about these things.
“Garbage In Garbage Out” This story half way though loses its way. Its all about garbage cans and then its all about a balanced diet. What happened in the middle of them? The art is nice in the Archie style.
“Caramel Has a Tale” For Little Betty and Little Veronica it is full of wonder and emotional. You can tell by the art this is a classic tale.
“The Bye Bye Blues” Archie’s life philosophy is live each day to its fullest as it may be your last. Its a good philosophy until he runs into Midge and Moose. Midge and Moose have such wonderful expressions drawn on their faces.
“Archie” This story is from Pep # 25, 1942. Really retro style art here. Archie trying to make some money and things go from bad to worse as they usual do. He never tries to cause trouble it just seems to follow him around. The poor boy. It is fun to watch his antics.
“Puppy Love” This story is from Pep # 62, 1947. Dogs can make great pets. Just a dog that acts like Archie well not so much. The art and story both deliver a funny story.
“A Really Hot Date” This story is from Archie # 646, 2013. The space ships are all well drawn with a futuristic look. The people have a sleek look to them. The story is good but not overly funny.
“Lawman” Archie as a lawman well he just does not have what it takes.
Bill Woggon provides some fantastic old style pin-ups of Kathy Keene. She is a beauty.
“Archie Meets KISS Part 1: Riverdale Rock City” Monsters are on the loose in Riverdale and only KISS can stop them. The monsters are drawn nerdy on purpose. The monsters on the loose with the gang trying to stop them as well as KISS makes for an interesting story. Its good for Halloween.
These stories and the many more inside this comic will get you in a Halloween mood.

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