Phil Hester talks about BLOOD BLISTER

phil-hesterAfterShock yesterday announced Blood Blister by our friend Phil Hester. Phil was nice enough to stop by First Comics News and let our readers know what to expect from Blood Blister.

First Comics News: Who is Brandon Hull?

Phil Hester: Hull is an amoral lawyer who has convinced himself every rotten thing he has ever done is justified as long as it helps provide for his children. He cheats clients, swindles victims, and extorts the vulnerable, but thinks of himself as just a guy trying to get ahead.

1st: What makes him such a bad guy?

Phil: He specializes in getting industrial polluters off the hook for environmental damage they have caused. He often structures defenses to drag on long enough for the plaintiffs to die from the injuries they have suffered as a result of the corporate wrongdoing. Slick, efficient, bad guy.

1st: There are a lot of bad guys in the word, why did his evil start showing on his skin?

bb-coverPhil: He gets a blood blister when his arm is trapped in a revolving door while trying to elude a persistent street preacher. He thinks it’s just a normal wound, but when it becomes infected and starts to show signs of spreading, he begins to suspect it’s something more. It takes him quite some time to realize the physical imperfection is merely a refection of the corruption he has already inflicted on his own inner self. A possession of sorts, but the demon possessing him is his own soul– a devil of his own conception, gestating in his once-perfect body.

1st: Is this problem unique to Brandon Hull?

Phil: Yes.

1st: Is his condition reversible?

Phil: Well, that’s what he, and brave readers, are going to find out. How do you save yourself… from yourself?

1st: Thanks Phil, good luck with the series.

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