RICH REVIEWS: Archie Comics Double Digest # 272

archiecomicsdoubledigest_272-0Title: Archie Comics Double Digest # 272
Publisher: Archie Comics
Script by: Paul Kupperberg, John Rose, George Gladir, Frank Doyle, Batton Lash, Pellowski, Dick Malmgren, Dexter Taylor, Margopolous
Pencils by: Pat & Tim Kennedy, Bill Galvan, Stan Goldberg, Harry Lucey, Chic Stone, Dan DeCarlo Jr., Dick Malmgren, Rex Lindsey, Bob Bolling, Dexter Taylor, Colan
Inks by: Jim Amash, Rich Koslowski, Bob Smith, Jon D’Agostino, Vince DeCarlo, Chic Stone, Terry Szenics, Scarpelli, Jimmy DeCarlo, Rudy Lapick
Letters by: Jack Morelli, Teresa Davidson, Bill Yoshida, Terry Szenics, Vickie Williams, Rod Ollerenshaw
Colors by: Digikore Studios, Barry Grossman, Glenn Whitmore
Cover by: Bill Galvin
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Giving Up The Ghost” Veronica has a haunted house in her house. Than we get a ghost that is not a ghost and next another ghost that is not a ghost and finally yes you guessed it a real ghost shows up.
“Monster Mash” Poor Reggie he tries so hard to beat out Archie. Things just never seem to end up going his way. Even when he wins he loses.
“Gory Story” Archie gives a tour of the monster wing of a museum and films a short vampire movie. His movie turns out to be better tan he thought it would be. But there is no gore in this story.
“Prowling Peril” The legend of the werewolf is done a little differently here and for good measure we get a werecat as well. It is an amusing tale.
“Freshman Year Part 2 of 5” Archie is adjusting to High School and to not having Jughead around. Things start to really go wrong for Archie than someone shows up to save the day and is he hungry afterwards. Its a fun story with great art.
“Admission Impossible” Archie just wants Veronica to give him more attention. This story has a flat punch line that makes no sense.
“The Hideaway” Archie even when he does nothing at all can get into so much trouble. How is it possible? He is such a great guy but things just have a way of going against him. The art gives Archie a sharp clean cut look.
“Hate Affair” Reggie and Archie do hate each other and they are still friends. It is hard to understand how Reggie is part of the gang. Sometimes though Reggie ends up on the short end. Than like here we all get a laugh at his expense.
“That Certain Uncertainty” Betty sometimes just does not know when not to help out. The poor girl. Nice art here and well color in bright colors.
“Remodel Ruckus!” Mr. Andrews and Archie remodel their bathroom. Well they try to. Mary though gets it all done for free. She is so smart. Fred is lucky to have her.
“On Your Toes” Pop gets a gumball machine and Archie uses it. Well what happens will make you smile. You will not be able to help it.
“What’s The Story” Archie and Reggie end up in the doghouse with Betty and Veronica. They do deserve it here. What they did was uncaring. Even Archie sometimes is not all that nice.
“Cat-Astrophe” Aw poor Archie does not have any luck with cats. Everything to do with cats goes wrong for him. He is just in the wrong place at the right time. He does look good as he over reacts with Reggie.
“Kidding Around!” Being a Big Brother or Sister is a great cause. Just make sure your doing it for the right reasons.
“Role Extoll” The men and the women are reversing roles on jobs here. Really though either can do any job.
“Getting Canned”Archie has an exciting day at work. Well he is the one who makes it exciting and dangerous to. His antics are funny to see.
“Kitty.Ditty.” Betty can get lucky at times and gets what she wants without even trying. She is such a nice girl. How can you not love her, its impossible.
“The Haunted House on Halloween Hill” Little Archie and the other kids are drawn so cute. Dexter Taylor the writer and penciler on this story draws himself into it as a mad scientist. Its a nice touch and something different than usual.
“The Award” Little Archie is so clumsy he should win an award for it. To bad the award in this story is for accident free injuries.
“The House on Oak Street” Riverdale does have its own haunted house. This story does have a different type of twist in it. One you probably will not see coming.
This book is another great collection of Archie stories that you are sure to enjoy and love. Archie is America’s most loved teenager.

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