RICH REVIEWS: Anubis Dog of Death # 1

Title: Anubis Dog of Death # 1
Publisher: Sindre L. Finnøy
Creator/Writer: Sindre L. Finnøy
Artist: John Barry Ballaran
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: The scenes of battle in ancient Egypt have all the men well drawn showing off their muscular bodies. Anubis as well is illustrated well as a lithe warrior.
Chloe Fayum adopts a dog and names he Anubis. This dog somehow is not your ordinary dog. Listening to Anubis’s thoughts as he is taken out into the world is funny. Things have changed for the old Gods. Anubis is now a cute little dog and Tor yes Tor God of Thunder is human. Other Gods as well are on Earth. Having the Gods in earthly form is fun and weird at the same time.
Seeing all these Gods just hanging out and being cool with just being human is strange. Plus the mixing of religions is weird.
Anubis we see getting used to his new home. He may be a cute little doggy yet inside he is still Anubis.
This story is unique in its approach to humans and Gods intermingling. Anubis’s character is wonderful the contrast from his look and his personality adds a great touch of humor. You will have fun and enjoy this.

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