Inspired by the hit graphic novel, the series is now in development 
Vancouver, B.C. (January 29, 2020) – Lighthouse Pictures and Caliber Comics have teamed up to develop P.I. Jane, a brand new series based on the popular graphic novel by Lauren Burke, Greg Sorkin and Tony Maldonado. This marks the first collaboration between the entertainment brands and is the first of many titles in Caliber Comics’ extensive library to be adapted into a television program. With the project in its early development stages, the team is taking meetings with showrunners and looking to add a unique creative voice to the project.
“Caliber is excited to be working with Lighthouse Pictures on P.I. Jane. Part Veronica Mars, part Nancy Drew, with a dash of The Office, P.I. Jane takes a light-hearted look at some of the crazy mysteries that could be happening just outside your door,”commented Eric Reichert, President of Caliber Comics. Reichert will work with Lighthouse Pictures CEO Jamie Goehring and Shawn Williamson, President of Brightlight Pictures (The Good Doctor).
P.I. Jane follows the chronicles of Jane Day, a millennial temp office worker by day and rookie detective by night. As she finds herself with seemingly mundane cases, Jane straddles the world of reality (showcased in black and white) and her imagination (in vibrant color) as she manifests her internal pop-culture fantasies into existence.
“P.I. Jane is something Lighthouse has been looking for in a potential series. With its unique main female character, quirky pop culture references and off-beat set of supporting players, P.I. Jane has all the ingredients to be a fun series that we can take in all sorts of directions,” stated Kevin Leeson, Head of Development for Lighthouse Pictures.
“I’m looking forward to kicking off a great new year of projects with the development of P.I. Jane. With a dynamic leading protagonist and endless storyline possibilities inspired by the comic book, it is a series I believe audiences will truly enjoy.”said Shawn Williamson, Executive Producer and President of Brightlight Pictures.


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