RICH REVIEWS: Animal Castle # 1

Title: Animal Castle # 1
Publisher: Ablaze Comics
Writer: Xavier Dorison
Artist/Cover: Felix Delep
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: In a castle that is a farm we see the animals living and acting as humans might. Justice in this kingdom is harsh. The dogs are the army and police of this kingdom. They are hard and cruel.
A cat and a goose are friends and they help each other. They trust each other too.
Now the animals are being underfed they are hungry and the dogs guard the storehouse of food. The animals work hard for that food and they deserve it. So to get to it they will rebel and fight for it.
Watching these animals fighting so hard for what they are due is hard. Watching them die is even harder. All hope seems lost. These animals are living a nightmare.
The strong and powerful rule here. Things need to change. What can be done?
The art showcasing these animals is perfectly done. You get a sense of just how under trodden they are. The dogs are vicious creatures and so heartless. They loom menacingly over all the other animals.
This is a touching story that will have you feeling for these poor animals.

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