A Tribute to Steve Perrin

It’s a Huntsman 3-Pack!



This may be a little bit less interesting to you than our Lana/Flare anniversary special, but we’d still like to bring it to your attention…

When Steve Perrin passed away several weeks ago, he left us with one unpublished story, a 28-page crossover adventure featuring the HUNTSMAN and our time-traveling hero ETERNITY SMITH. We’re hoping to be able to publish that tale in the ninth issue of the Huntsman.

But we do need to raise a chunk of money in order to finance that effort. To that end, we have a crowdfunding effort underway on IndieGoGo. You can find it here: igg.me/at/huntsman

Available rewards include copies of any or all of the three most recent issues of Huntsman, along with complete sets of Huntsman, Eternity Smith, or Psyche comic books.

Alternately, if you’d like to provide direct support, you can do that from the Huntsman project page: heroicmultiverse.com/heroicpub/huntsman

Hope to hear from you.
And do keep your eyes open. There are many more projects in the works.

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