RICH REVIEWS: Alma The Champion # 1

Title: Alma The Champion # 1
Publisher: Die Bold Comics
Words by: John Holland
Art by: Hernan Gonzalez
Letters by: Nicolas Lepka
Colors by: Damian L. Felitte
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Sunny is illustrated in monster killing mode. The black and white artwork has a gritty feel to it. It is dark and well suited for illustrating a horror comic. The shark and vampires all look amazing. They are shown as terrifying creatures.
The word bubbles are mixed up. Having one character saying another’s lines. Also, a proofreader was needed, there are too many spelling and or grammar mistakes.
Tyrone, now he is some sort of mystical guide. He is sent to Alma an older lady. Tyrone is a companion for monster fighters. Alma may be old yet she can swing a mean cane.
Eris does reek of evil, she is the Greek Goddess of Chaos. Her gift to Alma is a vicious attack by her minion.
Alma is the oldest woman to become a Champion. Why though?
Alma and Tyrone work well together and Alma does kick major butt as she starts out. The down-home feel to Alma mixed with the killer monster slayer actually works.

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