Written by Lou Mougin
Artists: Joseph Graves, Paul Tuma, and Jim Hatchey

​Lucky Comics has published one of the best World War 2 Mystery Men series, Foxforce! Lou Mougin, writer supreme, has written one of the best Public Domain comics featuring the return of Wonder Man. The hero that DC shut down for being too much like Superman. Lou Mougin has brought back Samson, Blue Beetle, Flame and Yarko from the former comic book company, Fox Comics to make a NEW Mystery Man team to battle the forces of evil of Nazi Germany.

​Lou Mougin, a writer for the past several years, writes the never ending saga of heroes that many have forgotten. According to Lou Mougin “I premiered them in a flasback i of Beetle Girl #8 and we opted to give them heir own book “ I, for one, am glad they did.

​The artists for the series Joseph Graves, Paul Tuma, and Jim Hatchey have done an excellent job on the series and I hope they are able to keep up the great work.

​The series is available at for only .75 cents each for a digital copy.

​Lucky Comics…where fans look for great comics!

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