RICH REVIEWS: All New Popular Comics # 1

Title: All New Popular Comics # 1
Publisher: InDellible Comics
Writers: various
Artists: various
Cover: Steven Butler and Lily Butler
Index: Daerick Gross Sr.
Back Cover: Kevin Halter
Price: $ 11.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Tom Corbett – Slave Miners!” Story, art, letters by Dan Reed, inks Mike Mathew.
Tom Corbett along with Astro and Rodger and three alien friends Oros, Kogal and Gorsuch are exploring their planets caves.
The art is gorgeously done, the space suits well designed and drawn, the aliens with their big heads look amazing, and the colors are done just right.
The dreaded lizard man of Korr do not look all that threatening but they are big with muscles.
There is lots of all out action and sci-fi excitement. The Space Cadets have one awesome looking ship. This is an old style adventure in space that will give you chills and thrills.
“Fluffy and Mervin – ‘Mervin Sticks Around’ Story and art by Deb Perry and color by Jim Ludwig.
Here we have a cute dog, cat and mouse having a little fun. They are drawn so cute.
“The Deadline!” Story Dave Noe, art Kent Clark and letters Sean Dulaney & Daerick Gross Sr., creative input Sean Dulaney.
Abra Cadaver hosts this story. He is a great undead host.
Benny is a horror book writer and he has writer’s block. Now Mark comes along to help him out. Well he does help but not in a way you might expect. The story is disappointing as it really has no punch line.
“Dazey’s Diary – ‘What Guys Want’ Story Jim Ludwig, art Ken McFarlane and letters Daerick Gross Sr.
Dazey has a kissing booth at the fair and it is extremely busy. Nice little punch line at the end. The colors are bright and eye catching.
“Fab 4 – Not This Time” Story Jim Ludwig, pencils Rock Baker, inks Jeff Austin, color Jim Ludwig and letters Daerick Gross Sr.
The Fab 4 meet the Weird Warriors and the surprising happens. These super-heroes are all great characters with lots of potential.
“Fun Stuff!” Stories, art and lettering Jim Ludwig. Here we get a couple short cartoon strips with some humor in them.
“Kona – Kona’s Third Trial” Story Dave Noe, art Sandy Carruthers, color Kevin Halter and letters Daerick Gross Sr.
This story does have an intensity to the it. Kona learns that the many can beat the one. The one page pin-up page is a beautiful example of giant monster art.
“Jigger & Mooch – Metal Fatigue” Story, Breakdowns and colors Jim Ludwig, pencils and inks Ken McFarlane.
Two dogs and a bird make for a weird cartoon strip. The style is cute with a few laughs.
“Adapt” Story Ramon Schenk, art Rik Van Niedek & Gerald Van de Werken.
The art here has a Jack Kirby feel to it. The story has a nice twist to it.
“Marvin Monster – In Tail Me True” Story and Breakdowns Jim Ludwig and finishes, colors, letters Kevin Halter.
It takes a lovable dragon to tame a monster. The art is so cute showing off the monsters.
“Captain Tornado – Always Bet On Red!” Story Bill Cain, art Juan Maestas, color Jared Prophet and lettering Daerick Gross Sr.
This story is a lot like John Carter Warlord of Mars. Captain Tornado is a man out of his element that still stays strong and defiant. Having a sea Captain among aliens is a visual delight.
“Phantasmo – Phantasmo Will Be Back” Story Dave Noe and art Daerick Gross Sr.
The words flow so smoothly. Super-heroes battle a menace and it is so well told plus the pin-up of all the heroes in battle is something to behold.
“Lobo – Indelliverse” Story Dave Noe, art Robert Schaupp and letters Daerick Gross Sr.
This story is listed in the listings page but it is not actually in the comic book. It looks like it was forgotten or left out for some reason.
“Lobo – Colors” Story Dave Noe, art Robert Schaupp, color Kevin Halter and letters Daerick Gross Sr.
Lobo finds greed in the desert and the color green leads to the color red. Lobo is a tough character just not overly so. Plus his skin color plays a part in the story. He is drawn as a muscular guy which the art shows off well.
“Ben Lazey – Priorities” Story and art Jim Ludwig, finishes Daerick Gross Sr.
The retro style art is great. The story does have a funny humorous side to a serious situation.
“Mind Matters” Story Dave Noe, art Don Jackson and letters Daerick Gross Sr.
A sci-fi fantasy story with an amazing different take on the outcome of the story. The alien art showcases them making them believable as aliens.
“Freddy – Making The Grade” Story, setup and lettering Jim Ludwig and inks Ryder Swilling.
Poor Freddy cheating never pays. The cartoon art works for this fun short comic strip.
“Rod Rian” Story, art and letters Ron Harris and color Daerick Gross Sr.
Beautiful black and white art accompanies this story. It has some interesting characters and delivers action.
This anthology comic book is full of wonderful stories. It has something for everyone.

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