Title: AA Squad # 1
Publisher: Rob Wolinsky
Created & Written by: Rob Wolinsky
Art & Colors: Chunlin Zhao
Letters: Jamie Me
Edited by: Matt Robinson
Cover Art: Chunlin Zhao
Variant Cover: Derik Diaz
Graphic Design: Albert Creswell
Price: $ 2.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: The art in this comic is for a younger reader but can be enjoyed by all.
The Double A Squad is Isaac, Anitah, Riley, and Liam and they are Time Correction Officers.  The team members do seem to be oddball characters. They get their mission and it is off they go December 28, 1895.
Liam does play the part of the bossy leader to well. Anitah and Riley stay in the background while Isaac is annoying. This team of heroes out to save the future from being changed in the past except for Liam do not take their job seriously. The mission is over and done with before you know it and then the mission really starts.
Barc is a cute robot but he needs more of a personality.
The characters are fun but we do need to know more about each one to care more about each one. Plus more about who they work for and what a Time Mat is needed to be explained.
The team seems to know they are minor league players so when something big comes their way they are totally surprised. What will they do?

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