RICH REVIEWA: Invader Zim # 24 

Title: Invader Zim # 24
Publisher: Oni Press
Created by: Jhonen Vasquez
Written by: Eric Trueheart
Illustrated and Lettered by: Warren Wucinich
Colored by: Fred C. Odin
Cover A by: Warren Wucinich
Cover B by: Sean Dove
Recap Kid Illustrated by: Warren Wucinich
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: The Recap is so funny and who knew the word Noodle was hilarious.
Zim is on a mission to find Virooz. His mission is full of danger. Just the mention of Virooz causes trouble.
Yes the recap was right when you see Noodle mentioned in the story it will make you laugh.
Zim keeps saying Virooz and all around him are ready to kill him for it.
The art is done in a beautiful style that fits Zim’s character and the story.
Zim is one fun character and excitable. He does know how to get others excited to.
Zim is weird and strange but he is also cool.

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